The Best Phones With Fast Charge and Camera Stabilization

Oppo A54 definitely stands out as one of the leaders when it comes to value for money. However, what makes it so unique is that it’s an unlocked, compatible replacement for the A series from Sony. The other advantage with the Oppo A54 is that it’s one of the most compact and powerful mobile phones currently available.

OPO A 54 has two main unique selling points, namely the amazing display and the low price – this device easily trumps the other latest tablets like the iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS in terms of value for money. The Oppo A54 doesn’t have a huge impact on the pocketbook, nor does it try to emulate the likes of the iPhone or the iPad. The Oppo A54 is an example of a fresh breed of mobile phone which provides brilliant 5G connectivity at a low cost, and superb battery life.

The main camera set up on the Oppo Aroma has an optical zoom, meaning the images are taken with a much better quality from the lens than the Android handset. This can be seen in the photos I’ve taken, where fine details aren’t quite recognised, in the colours I’m  oppo a54  seeing, and in the general quality of the images. In addition to this, the Oppo A54 also has a secondary rear camera, which is an improvement on many modern smartphones. It’s good to know that there’s a second camera setup for the A series, meaning that you don’t have to fiddle around with the primary camera all the time, and the quality will remain high throughout.

In terms of video, the Oppo Aroma features a first for the brand, an eight mega pixel Sony IMX lens, with f/2.0 lenses being standard on this model. Whilst on paper this may not be much, in practice the resulting images are surprisingly good, with many professional photographers commenting on the richness of the colour. I personally managed to record a video with a lot of slowmo, where the colours were very lifelike. For a smartphone, this should be quite impressive, and shows just how far technology has come. Whilst the majority of the A series are predominantly equipped to shoot videos, the Oppo A54 offers something a little different.

The camera setup on the Oppo A 54 is excellent, offering an ample amount of zoom, as well as a sufficient autofocus, flash and image stabilization. Image quality does suffer on the Oppo A54, however, with some gradation in the visible spectrum when zooming in. This is not too problematic, however, and with enough use it shouldn’t be a problem. Another thing to note is the lack of optical zoom on the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, meaning that the actual lens itself isn’t that great. However, this is easily rectified by using an image stabilizer application.

The Oppo A Sample is unfortunately not as comprehensive as we would have liked. However, the lack of any optical zoom is likely to make up for it in terms of images. The A sample also didn’t have a fast charge port, which disappointed many, but it is interesting to note that this model comes with a USB fast charge connector. The battery life on the A sample was also less than ideal, lasting only around six and a half hours. Fortunately, replacement batteries are available from Amazon for a nominal fee.

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